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Oakray Ltd is a mechanical and electrical services contractor who work with Network Homes. As a Network Homes resident, you have access to exclusive opportunities with our contractors, like this Work Experience Placement.

Oakray have opportunities available with their Office, Domestic Gas, Commercial Gas and Electric teams. Completing one of their placements could be an opportunity for you to gain transferable skills that will help you in your search for further employment, education and training opportunities - whilst helping you see whether might enjoy working in one of these areas in the future.

To a future employer, work experience is a clear indicator that you're proactive, and willing to take initiative when it comes to your own career development.

Oakray are accepting applications for these placements on a continuous basis, so you if your school or college has a specified time during the year for work experience, you can apply to complete the placement then. This also means that if you're pursuing this opportunity independently, you can apply whenever a placement would work best for you.

So if you're interested, just click below and tell us in no more than 140 words why you want to complete a Work Experience Placement with Oakray Ltd - then check your emails for a response from us.

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