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About this shot

We're offering you a work experience opportunity like no other - one where you'll get the chance to work as part of a creative successful and highly supportive team of professionals.

The role predominately works with the CEO of a charity, organising events, managing their social media accounts, writing reports and presentations, conducting research.

As well as working directly with the CEO's, previous young people who've participated in our Work Experience have:

✅Received awards at ceremonies at the House of Commons
✅Covered major celebrity events live on social media
✅Collaborated with organisations such as EY on national and international projects
✅Sourced, designed and presented ideas for future products
✅Developed their own personal and professional networks.

Key things to be aware of...

This is an extremely flexible role and opportunity. It is not based in any particular location and you'll have freedom to work from wherever is most convenient for you.

There are no set hours - but you'll need to allocate time during the day to do a couple of hours work.

The role predominantly works with the CEO of a charity, organising events, managing their social media accounts, writing reports and presentations, conducting research for the charity.

However, this experience will be tailored around you. We will make sure that you're involved in things you want to learn about and that you gaining the experience that you find valuable and important.

Ideally we're looking for someone keen to work with us for one year, but we can be flexible with the duration also. As a charity, we aren't able to pay a salary, however expenses are paid for travel, etc. plus you will have full access to our company and expertise - and that of our partners.

You'll be working on real projects in real time, and being part of something more than just an voluntary intern - this will be a really valuable experience.

To apply for the role you must be...

▶️Reliable and trustworthy. You will be involved in handling sensitive and confidential information. As the Assistant to the CEO you will be relied upon to deliver tasks/projects/requests as scheduled.

▶️Organised and flexible. The role is flexible in nature, so where you work and the hours you work are flexible, but you must be organised enough to make sure you are able to deliver to deadlines.

▶️A strong communicator. You must be able to talk to people of at levels, verbally over the phone and in person as well as written in the form of presentations and reports.

▶️Motivated and committed. You must have the vision and drive to complete assignments and be able to embrace the potential and experience that your role brings.

▶️Social media and IT savvy. The role involves a lot of social media management so you must be able to navigate around the various platforms.

If this sounds like something that you'd like to find out more about and possibly get involved in, just click below and tell us in 140 words "Who you are, what you are passionate about/interested in, and what you'd most like to learn about or experience in the world of work."

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