Stephen Arthur

Huge Fashion Show & Concert - We Want 2 Social & Digital Marketers on the Team

Stephen Arthur • Birmingham • Shot ended • Hands-on Work

About this shot

A fashion brand committed to developing skills and exploring new technologies whilst working with a wide range of notable professionals, Stephen Arthur is in search of a Social & Digital Marketer to be a part of an unusual and exciting fashion show taking place on the 14th of April 2017.

Birmingham is shutting down an entire city centre street for us to host a huge concert-based fashion show featuring other designers and with up to 1200 guests.

There'll also be an After Party that as a team member of course you'll be invited to and the event will be covered by Elle Magazine.


The Job will entail posting online content & capturing images throughout the duration of the show. It is vital that the right content is presented. Communication with Designers, photographers and guests is crucial.

You may be required to assist with any vital production meetings before the event date.


  • Previous experience would be great - ideally in fashion social media.
  • Liaising with potential press,publications and stakeholders
  • A good working knowledge communicating and working with diverse audiences
  • Good communication skills including understanding and responding to visual, oral and written instructions.
  • A committed and engaged approach to realising creative concepts..
  • The ability to work under pressure alone or as part of an effective, creative and technically proficient team.
  • An open mind to new and different ways of working and the ability to acquire new skills when needed
Applications are no longer accepted

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