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About this shot

If you're looking to start working in the tech sector, then our free 12 week programme, designed to help kick-start careers in technology is the perfect place to start...

And best of all, no existing experience is needed. You just need to be able to show us why you’re excited about technology & computing.

What we’re offering…

  • Free training and qualification. You’ll learn all you need to be successful – from the technical knowledge to
    the employment skills that will help you achieve your potential.
  • Guaranteed interview. For each person on the programme, there’s a well-paid role with great career prospects waiting at the end, which we’ll help you apply and interview for.
  • Free travel and lunch. And if you’re receiving universal credit or other benefits, we’ll work with you to make
    sure you continue to receive these during the programme.

The programme is jointly run by AWS (Amazon Web Services), Prince’s Trust and Generation - Running from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm for 12 weeks.


  • You must be aged between 18-24
  • You must not currently be working or in education or training
  • You must be available for 12 weeks, and ready to start a full time job straight after the course
  • You must be able and willing to travel into central London each day
  • And most important of all you must be excited to launch a career in tech!

On the programme you can expect to gain the following Technical Skills... Through lots of hands-on, interactive sessions we'll help you understand:

  • How cloud computing works
  • How to use different computer operating systems
  • How to use different programming languages

And don't worry if some of the technical skills aren't familiar to you — we'll teach you everything on the programme, or you can get in contact if you want to find out more now.

We'll also help you to develop new Behaviours & Mindsets... In every job, there are key skills that will help you be successful. We'll help you learn how to tackle any problem and also work in a team.

And just in case you're wondering how good the programme actually is... 4 out of 5 participants have a job within 1 month of graduating.

So if you're interested in finding out more and possibly joining us on the programme just click below and Take Your Shot.

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