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Help make the Brent 2020 programme all it can be. Join our one-of-a-kind volunteer team.

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About this shot

As January 1st draws closer and closer, so does the start of Brent's exciting journey as Borough of Culture 2020 - and we're looking for young people like you to join our one-of-a-kind volunteer team.

As part of the team you'll be able to choose from a range of fun, exciting and interesting events and activities to get involved in across the Borough.

Whether it's supporting live shows and performances, interviewing local residents to unearth stories and memories, or simply getting vocal and helping to spreading the word, there are lot's of ways you can help - have fun - and gain something from joining us.

Commitment - You can sign up to as few or as many shifts as you like...

There are lots of one-off activities or more regular activities, taking place all throughout 2020. Shifts vary in length but are usually up to four hours.
All volunteers will need to attend an Orientation Session to be fully inducted into being a Brent 2020 Volunteer.

Training - All volunteers will take part in Orientation Session where you'll be shown and told everything you need to know.

There are training sessions that are specific to the types of activities you sign up for i.e. Interviewing skills, administration skills, social media, customer service, etc.

There will also be learning opportunities available to you like Employment skills workshops, local trips and visits, as well as plenty of chances for you to get practical experience behind the scenes at various events and activities.

Key Info

There will be opportunities to volunteer in the following areas:

Events Support - Front of House | Events Support - Backstage | Interviewing and Journalism | Social Media and Marketing | Administration | Creative Workshops

This opportunity is open to everyone who either lives, works or studies in Brent, age 18 and above.
Public travel expenses are reimbursed, and food is provided for any shifts that last over than 4 hours.

As a volunteer you'll join a network of pioneering and passionate individuals - at a very special time in history... So why not join us as we celebrate culture and bring people together? And you can represent the community of Brent that you know and love.

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