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Edworkation and Chelsea FC Foundation are offering you the opportunity to gain the digital skills you need to go where you want to go, with a world leading football club... at the home of Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge.

As part of the 3 week digital training and development programme you will learn and build the skills and confidence needed to use technology in modern and professional workplaces. You'll also have the chance to gain any of the following qualifications:

  • Digital Skills Level 1
  • Employability Level 1 or Level 2
  • Customer Service Level 1

As well as gaining hands on experiences with technology, you'll also get to network with professionals and enhance your career prospects.

...Plus when you complete the programme you'll be able to include the Chelsea FC Foundation brand to your CV.

*To take part you must live in London and be available for the full 3-weeks (weekdays).

  • Start date: Monday 18th November
  • End date: Friday 6th December
  • Programme hours: 9.30am to 4.30pm

So if you're keen to get involved just answer the following question (in no more than 140 words)... "Why would you like to gain or develop new digital skills? And what would you do with them?"

Once you've answered, don't forget to check your email inbox as we'll be in touch... that's it. All the best.

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