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About this shot

We like to do things differently here at Slenky and we want you to get involved too... Our current objective you ask?... Kill stale 'careers events'.

We're currently putting together a series of events that are going to change the way businesses communicate with young people around skills and their careers - and we want you to help us tell the story.

In April, we'll be holding the first of 3 three events that will bring business, education and young people in Birmingham together to connect around passions, skills and ultimately... opportunities for young people.

...And we want you to be involved in telling the story. There will be three parts in total.

  • Pt 1 - Digital Careers & Education
  • Pt 2 - Young and in Brum
  • Pt 3 - Take Your Shot - Birmingham (The main event)

Digital Careers & Education
This event will bring together leaders and students from secondary schools in Birmingham in an effort to show them how digital technology is shaping their futures, and can be used to support their aims and objectives; whether they're students, a teachers or a careers advisors. (*The stuff we'll talk about will be relevant to you too.)

So if you're interested in...

  • Technology
  • Videography, content creation or documentary making
  • The future of education,
  • Yourself and the future - aka 'Millenials' and 'Gen Z'

This will be a great opportunity for you to hear first-hand about some of the most pressing issues affecting young people and society today... and document it.

What you'll do...

We're looking for you attend the event and work with us to produce a short piece of content showing what took place on the day - what guests saw, what they spoke about... and what they thought.

You'll create a story board and ideas around content and information for the final edit... and then you'll shoot!... You'll have time after the event to edit and pull the final pieces together also.

This will also be a great opportunity to gain experience working on a live client brief - allowing you to add some recognised organisations to your portfolio, including Birmingham City University and The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce.

So if you like the sound of all of the above and want to get involved just tell us in 140 words why you want this Shot! You'll also need to send us some of your work, but we'll send more info about that once you apply.

Applications are no longer accepted

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