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London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE returns the Roman Temple of Mithras to the location of its discovery in the heart of the City.

It doesn't get much realer than this... see and experience the ancient remains of the Temple of Mithras at Bloomberg’s new European headquarters, along with a selection of other remarkable Roman artefacts, right in the heart of London - all for FREE.

The temple has been restored to capture the mystery and intrigue of the Roman cult of Mithras, who used to meet on this site. Haze, light and the sound of footsteps, chanting and secret whispers will transport you back to London AD 240.

The site of the excavation site - one of the most extensive ever to have taken place in London - reveals new evidence of the area’s Roman origins, containing more than 14,000 individual artefacts, 63,000 sherds of Roman pottery and three tonnes of animal bone - providing evidence of trade, consumption, food and industry.

Each object tells a story and was made, handled, treasured, worn, consumed, lost or discarded by someone from Roman Londinium.

The exhibition is open now and will run until 30th November - and entry is free. But spaces are limited.

So click below to book your space and guarantee your chance to see a part of London's history like no other.

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