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About this shot

AuctionShelter is a London based tech start-up that makes buying and selling houses easy, simple and digital.

And we're looking for 'Creative Digital and Daily Vlogger' Interns.

So what does that actually mean you ask?... We're looking for people who like the idea of:

  • Recording live videos and taking professional photographs
  • Developing, curating and managing digital content - that's blogs, podcasts, videos, website copy
  • Helping to develop content templates for the AuctionShelter team
  • Helping create pitch decks for client presentations - intro pages, project descriptions etc
  • Researching projects - looking into topics around Property; Housing; Community
  • Promoting the AuctionShelter brand
  • Finding smarter ways for us to communicate with our audience

  • As a 'Creative Digital and Daily Vlogger' Intern you'l also need to be comfortable with the idea of joining a fast paced work environment, tackling big projects and learning new skills - without worrying too much about failing - as you'll work with our executive staff on real projects that will contribute to helping us grow.

    We're looking for people who are:

    • Friendly and charismatic - someone who walks into a room of people and can’t leave without
      making a few friends
    • Obsessed with all thing social media - branding, marketing, blogging... the works
    • Good communicators and relationship builders (Online and IRL)
    • Creative / Innovate thinkers

    You might also be looking to study or get experience in any of the following areas: Advertising, Creative Writing, English, Journalism, Digital Communications, Business, Marketing, Computer Science.

    You'll Need:

    • Access to a camera - good enough to produce high-quality videos and photos
    • To be able to work in London and be available for 2 months (For at least 8-10 hours per week)

    Benefits & Perks:

    • Travel & Lunch expenses covered
    • Work in a fun and fast-paced, professional team and environment
    • Work remotely and with flexible working hours

    If you like the sound of all of the above and want to join us on our mission, click below to Take Your Shot.

    Applications are no longer accepted

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