With festival season finally upon us, we’ve rounded up your go-to survival guide to making it through a festival in one piece (or at least, with your soul intact).

It's important to prepare for whatever the festival will throw at you ;) What to bring...

Festival ticketOyster card / Travel money Contactless card


Clothes/accessories i.e. Sunglasses / umbrella
IDA portable phone chargerAnti-bacterial hand gelWet wipesToiletries i.e. Sunscreen; deodorant
Food / SnacksReusable water bottleSix-pack of tissuesA hatLoose change

Once you reach:

  • We recommend getting to the venue early so you get a comfortable view of the stage and check in quickly.
  • Find out who is on what stage and at what time so you can plan your day.
  • Work out where the stalls and toilets are so you don't get lost later on.

How not spend a fortune:

  • Take out cash before you go (debit/credit cards should be hidden away at the bottom of your bag and only used in emergencies).
  • Bring food such as cereal bars, cheese Strings, or dried fruit, this will help you to keep your energy in the dynamic conditions.

How to skip the toilet queue:

  • Schedule your bathroom trips: Try not to drink too much before your favourite sets, is the basic rule.
  • Agree to hold each other’s essentials, water bottles and jackets.
  • Choose the end line: Ideally, where there’s a corner of portaloos as this – from past experience – increases your chances of getting a loo quickly.
  • *Top tip: Carry a travel perfume with you at all times. You can use this time to freshen up and when you encounter a nasty smell in the toilets, smell or spritz your perfume to avoid wanting to be sick.

Agree on a meeting point:
There’s nothing more panic inducing than a dead phone and losing your friends at a festival. When you arrive, agree at a meeting point in an emergency.
Food vendors, signs and flags are the best options in an SOS moment.

How to look after ill mates
The risk of fainting and sun stroke is way more common than you think at a festival, the mixture of high temperature and constant activity can be too much for people.

  • Locate the Medical and First Aid Festival Medical Services (FMS) on your first day just in case things take a turn for the worse.
  • Bring any medication/asthma pump you need to take.
  • For help in an emergency, make your way to a medical facility or approach a Festival steward, Festival Information, a Markets Office, a security person or a police officer, for assistance. If something happens to a friend or someone in your vicinity you should help them find a professional to avoid a more serious injury.
  • Eat before drinking and consume plenty of water, regularly (regular sips are better than one large volume)

These are our tips for making sure you make the most out of your festival experience, if you have any tips let us know on twitter! @SlenkyShots

Katie O'Malley for Elle 08/04/2018