You may remember Josh Babarinde who resolved to find a way to bring young people income, belonging and self-worth through legitimate means. Cracked It was born - It’s London’s social enterprise smartphone repair service, staffed by young people.

During five-day bootcamps, young people are taught how to repair smashed screens and dodgy batteries, before being challenged to run their own repair clinic.

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“They decide their prices, uniform and their marketing strategy, and they keep all of the money that they make."

Recently, Tommy: one of Cracked It's technicians, guest-presented a BBC Radio 4 documentary about his experiences of multiple school exclusions, prison and how he’s since turned his life around.

In these recordings, Tommy goes back to one of his old schools to have a frank discussion with his teacher about the reasoning behind exclusions and how schools could help to prevent them. Plus, Carol Homden from Coram Children's Charity discusses new research on the experiences of families and children living with these issues.