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(Extract from The Observer 21 July 2018 - read Nosheen Iqbal's full article here. Follow: @nosheeniqbal)

What’s her biggest time stealer? “Social media.” Babalola toggles between Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram, although she rolls her eyes at the mention of Facebook...

The Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964)

  • Invented: free love.
  • Known for: benefiting from free university education, a prosperous jobs market and robust economic growth.
  • Big on: telling each other that if you remember the 1960s, you weren’t really there.

“But they’re also more socially aware and see themselves as part of a global community. It’s easier to get and feel connected to someone in Africa or Asia and share concerns about climate change, for instance.”

Generation X (born 1965-1981)

  • Invented: irony, McJobs and disaffected slackerism.
  • Known for: their diet of MTV, rave culture and indie films.
  • Big on: reminiscing about 1988’s second summer of love.

“I just want what previous generations have had: you work hard, you reap the rewards of that. Sometimes I feel a bit hopeless..."

Millennials (born 1982-1995)

  • Invented: avocados and overly elaborate coffee orders.
  • Known for: making “hipster” a dirty word and sending selfies mainstream.
  • Big on: blaming Boomers for dismantling the concept of free university education, homeownership and jobs for life.

“I don’t expect to have one full-time gig; my career won’t be defined by one job. I know I’ll have to do stuff I don’t enjoy to be able to do passion projects that I do.”

Generation Z (born 1996-2016)

  • Invented: the ability to hold a conversation and simultaneously scroll through their phones.
  • Known for: being globally connected and politically anxious.
  • Big on: experimenting with gender and sexual spectrums.

Extract from The Observer 21 July 2018 - read Nosheen Iqbal's full article here. Follow @nosheeniqbal