Nathalie Raffray - Published in Kilburn Times 23 April 2018

Five lucky students living in Wembley and on the cusp of going to university have the chance to win £9,000 of funding for their education.

Chalkhill Community Trust Fund (CCTF) launched its Higher Education Fund Bursary Scheme at the Lounge Café Wembley in Chalkhill Road on Wednesday last week.

The charity is offering £3,000 a year to bright applicants who have secured a uni place. It’s the first time the fund has given money to help less well off students support themselves while improving their education. The five successful applicants, aged 18 to 25, will have to come from Chalkhill.

They must complete 20 hours’ volunteering and provide regular updates of their progress to the board of trustees.

Trust chairwoman Vivienne McKoy-Salt said: “CCTF is delighted to be offering assistance to young people in the community to actualise their potential.

“We aim to provide financial support to at least five young people to help with the cost of studying a university degree or vocational equivalent.

“The board is of the view a greater focus should be placed on the needs of the community’s young people, hence the launch today of the higher education fund bursary scheme.

“While pursuing their educational goals, the young people will be encouraged to give back to their community.”

Mixed Voices, a “pop harmony” singing group that meets at the Chalkhill Community Centre, belted out tunes from their repertoire as part of the celebrations.

The over-50s choir is a previous beneficiary of CCTF – along with the Lounge Café, which this month became Trip Advisor’s highest rated London restaurant, and Chalkhill Community Radio, whose station manager Des Powell also gave career advice at the event.

Ms McKoy-Salt added: “Since the trust fund was established in 2000 with a £1million endowment from Asda, various local projects have been funded which benefitted the residents of the community including the annual I Love Chalkhill Summer Event.

“Additionally, individual residents facing hardship are provided with welfare grants.”

Applications for the university funding are open now and the deadline is June 30. Visit