Kiimmy took her shot with Slenky and Sony in 2013 and 2014, landing some cool roles and taking her skills to launch her Youtube channel - 'Life with Kiimmy'.

As part of the family and one of Slenky's livliest Ambassadors, she recently checked in to give us a little update on life how things are going.

This year has been an amazing learning curve... I've been focused on super-intense acting training so I've been studying at Identity School of Acting. I love it and It's made me more confident in my techniques and I feel ready to land the big roles. Recently, I was also chosen to become a Social Theatre Ambassador with Todaytix... so I'll be interviewing West End actors and watching theatre weekly.

I also started a new joint YouTube channel which is about to hit 1k, and with it I had the chance to do a campaign for YouTube itself and attend the Planet of the Apes premier screening.

I've a few other projects still in the works including a role as a TV Presenter - but that talk is for another day lol!

A genuine Shot-Taker - keep up with Kiimmy's moves by subscribing to 'Life with Kiimmy'.